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Quantum 2772 Evolution

How does the Quantum 2772 Evolution plug-in differ from the original hardware 1990s German room simulator?

The underlying core room simulation algorithm of the Quantum 2772 Evolution plug-in is similar in sound to the 1990s hardware and is capable of nulling at certain settings to -80dB, while still offering new and novel features.

How does the Quantum 2772 Evolution plug-in differ from the original hardware 1980s German room simulator?

The underlying sound of the algorithm of the original 1980s German room simulator remains largely unchanged. The principle difference between the original hardware and subsequent generations is due to its operating sample rate of 20,000 Hz, and to a lesser extent, its AD/DA converters and analogue components. As subsequent generations used higher sample rates, the resonant modes of the room were gradually shifted higher. The original 1980s hardware offered different room sizes, while the 1990s hardware (and Quantum 2772 Evolution) are fixed at a single room size.

Why aren't the parameters of the plug-in (such as Reverb Time) continuously variable?

Like the original hardware, the parameters of the Quantum 2772 Evolution are not continuously variable. Although some of the parameters of the underlying algorithm are formulaically consistent across all reverb times, others are programmed to be specific to the given reverb time. In some ways, each reverb time is its own “unique” algorithm. Additionally, like many legendary hardware units, there are a number of “quirks” and “bugs” that contribute to the unique character of the sound. 


Why is the CPU usage higher than some other reverb plugins?


In general, the Quantum 2772 Evolution algorithm uses massive amounts of parallel processing. In the original hardware, this design manifested itself in its need for a large number of components and extremely high price (over $10,000 in the 80s). As many other reverbs use various matrixing techniques and shared processing, running a single instance of Quantum 2772 Evolution might be comparable to running nearly 100 low-CPU reverbs.

How can I improve CPU Performance?

There are several things you can do to reduce CPU usage of the Quantum 2772. If your sources are more “mono” in nature (solo instruments, vocals, etc.) we recommend setting the stereo correlation (Corr.) to “0.” This will immediately reduce CPU by approximately 40%. Next, experiment with setting both the RT60 Low and RT60 High to “1.” Finally, consider setting the Bandwidth to 20 kHz (Full) and using your own EQ filtering either pre or post plugin.

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I have questions about how to use this product.

Please reference the Quick Start guide included with your download. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will get back to you within one business day.

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Is your software compatible with other DAWs or older versions?

Our products are currently compatible and tested with the most recent versions of Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, and Ableton (Mac and Windows). Compatibility with older versions or other DAWs (AAX/AU/VST) is possible but not officially supported. 

How Can I Return a Product?

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